In view of the sanitary lockdown, medicine demand from drugstores and hospitals increased significantly.  The situation generated uncertainty among the medical community and in general among the population.  The possibility for shortages of medicines was present.


With the experience of the sanitary contingency back in 2009 with the AH1N1 influenza, and anticipating a high demand the Covid19 could generate, Marzam developed a plan to efficiently distribute medicines.  Under strong security and sanitary measures to protect its personnel, the distribution company was able to triple its storage inventory capacity. We have the task to help them communicate this news and generate the required confidence from its stakeholders.

Marzam challenge


With a strategic selection of media, we were able to position Marzam´s capacity to guarantee the distribution of medicines despite the difficult context and respond to the needs of the medical community and the population.

Nota Marzam
Nota Marzam
Nota Marzam


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